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March 13 2013
Posted by Pornfree  [ 11:41 ] My name is Loretta and my husband and I own a large Kennel and boarding establishment in San Fernando Valley. We raise Great Danes, Mastiffs, Rottweilers, Irish Wolfhound and Anatolian Shepherds. These are special dogs for guarding and hunting. We have 65 dogs at the moment. We do a little cross breeding for ourselves just to see how they turn out. Six of those 65 are cross breeds. Two are half Great Dane & Anatolian Shepard, two are half Mastiff & Rottweiler and two are half Great Dane & Akita. In addition we also boarder between ten and twenty dogs a month.

Every other day I choose four dogs from the group to fuck me. But I am getting ahead of my story. My love wwwporn freecom of dogs started when I was ten years old. My Dad bought me a Border Collie for my tenth birthday. He was beautiful and I called him Border. He was only eight months old and was fully trained not to pee or poop in the house. We became buddies and he followed me everywhere. Being a Border Collie caused him to try to herd me to the areas he thought I should go.

I had just turned twelve and started my first period. Mom had told me about such things She bought me some tampons to have on hand whenever I started. Mom Was next door at our neighbor’s house and Dad was at work. When I started. I got some blood on my dress and panties so I took off my clothes and went into the bathroom to get a tampon. I reached up to get them out of the cupboard when Border stuck his nose between my legs and licked my pee hole. I jumped a foot and stumbled over him falling to the floor. My legs were apart and Border shoved his nose back between them and began to lick.

I tried to push him away but it felt so good I just leaned back against the tub and let him lick me fantasy porn free. He kept licking and licking and I got a funny feeling in my stomach so I raised my butt up so Border could stick his tongue inside my little hole that Mom called my vagina. When his tongue would sweep across the top part of my vagina it caused my legs to shake and I suddenly had a sensation that I had never had before. It caused me to suck in my breath and I trembled all over. I didn’t know what had happened but I knew it was a wonderful feeling. I let Border continue to lick me and I had two more of those same sensations. Each time I did Border would lick harder and faster which would then cause me to have more of those sensations.

I finally pushed him away and tried to stand up but my legs were so weak that I sat back down on the floor. Border kept trying to lick my hole. I turned around and put my hands on the toilet to get up when Border jumped on my back and began to hump me. Suddenly I felt something enter my vagina and he shoved real hard. The pain in my vagina clear into my stomach was terrible. I screamed but then I must have fainted. When I woke up Border had tied me (I didn’t know at the time what was happening.). I was hurting real bad down there and I couldn’t get away from Border and I began to cry. Finally after quite awhile He pulled out of my little hole. There was blood running out of my vagina and it scared me. I got up and sat on the toilet and I could feel some kind of goop running out my hole. I peed and wiped myself but I kept bleeding. I stood up to get the tampon and Border again stuck his nose between my legs and began to lick me. I remembered how good it had felt before so I sat down on the edge of the tub and let him lick me some more. Suddenly I didn’t hurt down there any more and Border made me have another one of those sensations. It made my legs weak and I slid to the floor and as I turned around to get up Border jumped on top of me again and his thing went into my hole again. It was going in and out of me so fast and I feltsomething big and round being shoved up into my pee hole and it took my breath away. It hurt at first but then I had another of those wonderful sensations. Border stopped pushing in and out of me and just held me tight. I felt something warm shooting into my insides and it caused me to have another one of those sensations. Boarder tied me again and we stayed like that for about fifteen minutes. Finally the big round thing came out of me and a whole lot of liquid came pouring out of my hole all over the floor.

I heard Mom come into the house so I hurriedly cleaned the bathroom and put the tampon inside my pee hole and got dressed. I told Mom I had started my period and she told me that her little girl was growing up. That night after dinner Border kept trying to stick his nose between my legs. Mom noticed and said looks like old Border is a little horny tonight. Just push him away he does the same thing when I have my period. She gave Border a whack and told him to lie down. That night I waited until I was sure Mom & Dad were asleep before I got up and let Border into my room. I got a towel out of the dirty cloths hamper and sat on the edge of the bed. I took out the tampon and let Border lick me again. After he had given me two more of those great sensations I laid the towel on the floor and got on my hands and knees and let Border enter me again. It was even better than before. At twelve years old it is hard to describe the feeling as I felt his dick slide deep into my vagina. When his knot entered me he made me have three more of those wonderful sensations. It felt so good that I let him do it two more times before I finally made him leave my room.

My legs were so weak I could hardy walk. The towel was soaked with doggy goop so I rinsed it out and hung it on the shower bar to dry and went to sleep. For the next two years I let Border fuck me almost every day. I had taken a mandatory sex education class and learned a lot about sex and what you called certain parts of the body. However my friends said that a vagina was also called a pussy, cunt or a twat. And a man's penis was called a dick, a prick, a cock, a rod, and a pole. The class said it was intercourse when two people were having sex, my friends said it was getting fucked.

Just before my sixteenth birthday I stayed late at the library helping the librarian do their inventory before Christmas vacation for extra credit. It was almost dark when I left for home. I was crossing the senior lawn when a bunch of dogs came running towards me. This big German Shepard jumped on top of this lab and began to fuck her while the other dogs were waiting their turn it looked like. I was fascinated as I watched that big dogs cock pound the smaller lab. Then they were tied together butt to butt. It took about eight minutes before the knot came out. The lab hardly had a chance to move before a Collie jumped on her and shoved his dick into and began to fuck her. My pussy began to get all wet and I wondered if any of those dogs would fuck me if I got down there beside the lab. I looked all around and couldn’t see anyone around and it was almost dark anyway. I removed my panties and got down on my hands and knees. I reached over under the lab and rubbed her pussy where cum was dripping out and I rubbed it into my own pussy. I felt a tongue go into my pussy and another smaller dog came under me and began to lick my pussy. There I was with two dogs licking me. The dog behind jumped on my back and shoved his cock into me and began to fuck me very fast. I felt his knot enter me and swell up causing me to have a climax. I felt him shooting his doggy cum deep inside me. We laid there for awhile and then his knot came out and before I could even take a breath that big German Shepard jumped on my back and shoved his cock deeper than anything I had ever had up there. It felt like the tip of his cock was almost into my stomach. He was shooting his cum way up inside me and it felt wonderful, He made me cum three times before he stopped.

For the next two hours every one of those dogs fucked me at least twice. The Bull dog fucked me in the ass and it hurt like hell when his knot went inside my sphincter muscle. I finally got to my feet and sat down on a bench to catch my breath when the German Shepard jumped up on my shoulders and was able to shove his cock into me from the front. It was a completely different sensation and he made me cum several times. He wasn’t able to get his knot inside me so he fucked me four times trying to get his knot inside me. The lab took off and her pussy looked all bloody and puffed up. All the dogs chased after her.

I picked up my panties and looked at my dress. It was torn on the sides and I had scratch marks up and down my sides. There was dog cum all over my dress and legs. I thought how was I was going to explain this to Mom. I was lucky dad was out of town attending his high school german porn free reunion. I came up with an idea so I punched a hole in the center of my panties and the tore the hole wider. I wiped cum from my dress into my panties. When I got home I rushed into the house crying.

Mom, Mom I sobbed, “What’s the matter” she asked and then she saw me an exclaimed “Oh my god Loretta what happened to you.” I told her about the dogs omitting the part about deliberately letting them fuck me. I said I tripped over one of the dogs trying to get at the Lab who was trying to hide behind me and a big German Shepard jumped on my back and shoved his dick through my panties and into my vagina. I said Oh mom every one of those dogs screwed me several times before I could finally get away. “Oh my poor baby” and she took me into her arms. She gave me a bath and rubbed some oil into my vagina.

The following night I was letting Border fuck me when Mom walked in. She just starred at me. I began to sob and I said I’m sorry but I liked what the dogs did. They made me cum so much. She asked me if I had let Border do that before tonight. I finally admitted I had been letting Border Screw me since I was twelve and told her the whole story. To my surprise she didn’t get mad. She lifted up her gown and knelt down beside me and let Border mount her and I watched as Border fucked my Mom. My mouth was wide opened as I watched and it made me horny. She said “Now I know why Border was tired all the time. I trained him to fuck me and I see you gained some of the benefits. Tomorrow you and I are going to my College friend’s tea party. It was something my Mother did every Saturday for as long as I could remember. “We will bring Border with us and you must promise that what ever you see or hear you will never tell anyone” She said. I promised.

The next morning about ten we got in the car and drove to her friend Maurine’s house. When we got there I noticed there were several cars parked in her circular drive way. When we walked around to the back yard and entered her house through the door that led to a very large Den. In side there were five of my mother’s old college friends in a semi circle. Each one sat on a bench like seat. In the middle of the room was a massage table that could be elevated up or down. Each of Moms friends had a dog. Maurine’s dog was a giant Great Dane, Next to her from left to right was Francine who had a large mastiff, Then Jeannine had a large Rottweiler; next came Bobbett with a large German Shepard. And last was Teri who had a large skinny Afghan. Then there were two empty benches. Mom took one and brought Border with her and motioned for me to take the last empty bench.

Maureen served us Tea and cookies and the women made small talk. I noticed that all the women were naked from the waist down but each had a leather sleeveless jacket. Maurine handed one to Mother and one to me. Each of the dog’s paws had short stockings with elastic bands to hold them on. Mom reached into her bag and put one on each of Borders feet. Maurine said to me, “if you decide not to participate it is ok.” Each person but only one at a time will select a dog and the rest will watch them perform. When she is finished the next person will select a dog but cannot take one that has already performed. Since it is Loretta’s first time her Mother has agreed to begin. Then we will draw peas to see what the order should be.

Mom selected the Mastiff, a large powerful looking dog. She adjusted the table and then bent over laying her head and chest on the table. The Mastiff sure seemed to know what to do. He first licked Moms pussy for a couple of minutes and then mounted her. He drove his huge cock deep into Moms pussy and I watched with fascination as he pounded Mom cunt. I noticed that each of the women watching Mom being fucked were finger fucking themselves, so I began to rub my pussy and inserted two fingers and started finger fucking myself. I had never seen a dick that big around. When I saw his huge knot I thought he will never get it inside Moms vagina. My mouth fell open as that huge not disappeared inside her and the dog pumped her hard. I saw her cramp her ass and pussy muscles tight and shifted her weight so that the dog was high on her back with its feet off the floor. His cock was shoved deep inside her and I watcher her Ass begin to milk that dogs cock by moving down and back. He was giving her short quick jabs as he shot his sperm inside her. I came just watching her. I let out a moan and all the women looked at me and smiled. I felt myself turn red from embarrassment. She kept milking that big knot inside her for almost fifteen minutes not letting the dogs cock out of her. All the time Mom was moaning and saying all kinds of crazy things like “That’s nice, OH YESSSSS, ohhhh yes fuck me, fuck me Ahhhhhhh Ohhhhh uhhhhhhhhh. You could see she was cumming over and over. Her moaning made me cum again but I did it quietly.

When she finally let him out of her I watched the biggest knot I had ever seen come sliding out along with a huge amount of doggy cum. That dog’s dick had to be at least eight or nine inches from the back end of the knot to the tip. I thought Mom was through but what she did was push the dog onto its back and then she knelt down between his front and back paws and slid that cock back inside her pussy. She began riding up and down that dogs cock for another fifteen minutes cumming several times. I loved to see the look on her face each time she came. Her head would look up and her eye lids would flutter and she would grin from ear to ear. I also noticed that she was able to drive that knot of his back inside her. When she did that she would just rocked her Ass back and forth. She told me later that doing it that way it caused the knot to rub her “G” spot and when she came she came a cup full I think. When Mom got up she had a big smile on her face. “Wow, Francine you have trained your dog well” She said. She led the dog over to her seat and let him lick the cum from her pussy. He made her cum again within minutes.

We then drew peas and I drew #3. Next was Teri and she chose the Afghan. She did exactly as Mom had done, but when she bent over and the Afghan shoved his dick deep inside her. I could not believe that it could be longer than the Mastiff but it was. A good two inches longer maybe more, but not as big around as the Mastiff. As he began pounding her I heard her say “OH MY GOD HIS DICK IS IN MY CERVIX. OH SHIT IS HE MAKING ME CUM. I can feel him shooting into my cervix OHHHHH shit OHHHHHHH god yesssss. And you could see her pushing her Ass back into the dogs pounding cock and her whole Ass shook when she came.

She did as Mom did when the knot entered her and the dog stopped shoving his dick in and out of her. She milked his cock and kept him inside her for about ten minutes shouting Oh Yessss, I can feel him shooting his hot cum straight into my cervix. When its dick came out it seemed like it took for ever to finally fall out and a stream of cum came pouring out of her cunt. The Afghan’s knot was not as big as the Mastiff’s. She also put the dog on its back and she fucked him for nearly twenty minutes before getting up. But then she did something I could hardly believe. She got on her knees and bent over and began to suck his cock. I wasn’t sure what I felt, kind of between revulsion and excitement. After about ten minutes she led him to her seat and let him lick the juices from her pussy.
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October 19 2012
Posted by Pornfree  [ 10:42 ]
Первый анал. Рассказ.

Да, я предпочитаю великолепие! Сейчас днем, как скоро Паша уезжал на работу, он вновь меня упрекал за расточительность, хотя я зарыдала, и он пожалел меня. А все лишь потому, собственно я сделала небольшой аравийский оазис в нашей бильярдной, где без проблем порно онлайн мать в анал
. Я попросила Васю, моего собственного шофера, двинуть все столы в угол, чтоб высвободить побольше места. Прикупила через 1 предприятие немного 10-ов великих пальм в кадках, синтетический фонтан, на который ушло более двухсотен бутылей французского шампанского (мне слишком хотелось, чтоб из него колотило шампанское, но не обычная вода), ну а также там по мелочи, всякие там персидские ковры, реальный белоснежный песок из пустыни, палатку бедуина, живого верблюда.

Мне может показаться на первый взгляд, собственно конкретно верблюд и вывел Пашу из себя. Если б он кротко себе стоял около палатки, пока же я плясала перед Пашей в просвечивающих штанах с вышивкой из золота, в голубой, красиво оформленной восточными узорами жилетке из крепкого войлока в отсутствии пуговиц, под коей искусительно раскачивались мои полные белоснежные груди, а их позвякивало монисто, прикупленное мной еще в начале сентября, как скоро мы с Пашей были в Париже... Ой, я вновь отвлеклась.

Итак вот, если б верблюд не плюнул в Пашу, то быть может он бы не стал мне высказывать в настоящее время днем. Просто Паша таковой человек, разумеете, он в правительстве державы 1 из основных боссов, он не имеет возможности так просто разрушать, как скоро ему в личико плюют всякие там верблюды.

Ну, я, окончательно, стала его здесь ведь успокаивать, а верблюда молчком увели его телохранители. Паша, истина, длинно кипятился и дулся на меня многие время, пока же я вытирала шелковым шарфом его личико, и отошел теснее лишь в палатке на коврах, где я устроила ему массаж ароматическими маслами. Паша хоть и ветше меня на 30 лет, хотя представитель сильного пола видный, стройный, спортивный.

В следствии этого с тал смотреть порно ролики первый раз анал на, как скоро я ему как следует помассировала спину, он перевернулся личиком вверх, и я заметила, собственно его член теснее наполовину стоит. В тех случаях я начала массировать его грудь, молчком опускаясь к животику, пока же не заметила, собственно он довольно крепко возбудился, тогда и я брала его член в рот.

Ну, он здесь ведь начал звучно сопеть, как марафонец на финише, как данное постоянно с ним случается, хотя я в значительной степени сжала колечком пальцы около корня его члена, и он чуть-чуть взял себя в руки. Я умею довольно глубоко заглатывать член и получился пьяный анал порно онлайн смотреть, и мои губки доходят аж до его нелегких, волосатых яичек. Паша вообщем предпочитает твердить, собственно я слишком способная в сексе.
Как скоро мы с ним познакомились на Мальте в прошедшем году, где он меня отбил у Жоржа, я в 1-ый ведь вечер села анусом на его несмазанный вазелином член (истина, я его превосходно смочила собственными слюнями, пока же сосала его), и Паша довольно опешил, собственно я так с легкостью обрела его вовнутрь. Так как у него член довольно длиннющий и толстый.

Если честно, я промышляю анальным сексом теснее 3 года, т.е. с шестнадцати лет. И мне нет с сиим трудностей, и мне в том числе и нравится ощущать себя до предела растянутой, заполненной мужской плотью в заднем проходе.

Ну, в целом, я вволю наглоталась его члена, а как скоро заметила, собственно он теснее практически заканчивает, я просто обернулась к нему задом и обрела позу "a levrette", как говаривал мой прежний приятель Жорж, другими словами по-собачьи. Нет, он окончательно не француз, просто длинно действовал во Франции. Хотя непосредственно он обучил меня чуть-чуть заявлять по-французски. Вновь отвлеклась...
Ну, хорошо. Означает, Паша стягивает с меня прозрачные штаны, раздвигает мои пухлые задние булки и начинает буравить собственным языком мою перекрытую и упругую (пока же) норку. А я постоянно утрачиваю голову, как скоро представитель сильного пола так умело вылизывает мой сфинктер. Я в том числе и утрачиваю контроль над данным мускулом, и он начинает гулять себе туда-сюда. То выпятится наружу, как любознательный глаз, то уйдет совершенно вовнутрь, а заодно и Пашин язык прищемит. Хотя Паше исключительно хорошо, как скоро мой анус так слишком откликается.
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September 17 2012
Posted by Pornfree  [ 07:20 ]
Рекомендуем посмотреть  Молодой парень снимает русское порно видео со своей новой девушкой у себя дома пока родители уехали на дачу
Pria muda tunas video porno Rusia dengan pacar barunya di rumah sementara orang tua mereka pergi ke negara itu dan mereka tidak orang-orang yang tidak bisa berhenti, gadis kurus dan sederhana tapi untuk seorang pria seperti yang Anda lihat ini tidak terlalu banyak masalah itu adalah berusaha untuk tidak lengket, menonton Rusia terbaik video porno perawan di situs kami yang indah lembut bercinta di sofa sementara dia hanya berbaring dan menikmati prosesnya
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Молодой парень снимает русское порно видео со своей новой девушкой у себя дома пока родители уехали на дачу
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Мужик снял для себя двух девочек и когда они приехали то начались настоящие съёмки русского порно ролика
Seorang pria menembak dirinya hingga dua gadis dan ketika mereka tiba mereka mulai menembak film porno nyata Rusia, mereka berpikir bahwa ia hanya ingin mereka untuk bersenang-senang dan melepaskan. Dia juga meminta ketika mereka datang untuk berhubungan seks dengan satu sama lain dan ia kemudian mengambil kamera kesayangannya yang akan syuting film porno Rusia dan mencoba untuk membuat uang. Gadis-gadis pada awalnya tidak ingin melakukannya tapi kemudian mereka masih tidak bisa menolak tawaran seperti itu dan setuju.
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Мужик снял для себя двух девочек и когда они приехали то начались настоящие съёмки русского порно ролика
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Девушки делают ремонт в квартире. Русское порно видео смотреть онлайн
Gadis bekerja sebagai sebuah tim menembak di video porno Rusia, mereka bertindak sebagai tim bekerja untuk memperbaiki apartemen dan itu di salah satu apartemen ini, mereka memutuskan untuk berhubungan seks dengan semua enam dari gadis-gadis mulai membelai satu sama lain dan humor tersendiri. Tampaknya dalam tim wanita mereka tidak memiliki cukup kelembutan dan kasih sayang, dan gadis itu pasti melihat dan mencoba untuk saling membantu untuk melupakan semua itu di apartemen sendiri film porno mereka renovasi Rusia
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Девушки делают ремонт в квартире. Русское порно видео смотреть онлайн
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August 10 2012
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July 24 2012
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Girl is forced to swallow kinky guy's pecker We don't know exactly who are that guy and his filthy babe but we definitely know that we like how roughly he makes her swallow on his mighty ready to explode cock! Watch porn movie.
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Big titted girl rubs dick against hot nippled boobs If you don't think that this guy from the private video is lucky continue watching the tape and you'll see his pecker crazily rubbed between the tits with big nipples! Watch porn movie.
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